Q: How do I file a claim? 
A: PLEASE, contact our office and our Claims Administrator Sandy Hempe. She is here for all our policyholders, can file your claims and tell you what is needed for any unique claim question you might have. 

You can file any of your claims personally, just download a claim form for any policy from the Aflac or Allstate homepages.  Then proceed to find the correct form for your claim. But also note, if you send in the claim yourself, our Agency office will not be notified of any updates on your claim status and can not notify you of any claim status changes or issues.  

Always remember that you are more than welcome to call if you have any questions regarding your claims, (515) 432-2230. Process time for your claim is 10 to 14 business days from the day you fax, email, or mail your completed claim to our office. 

Q: How do I file a wellness benefit  claim?
A: PLEASE, contact our office and our Claims Administrator Sandy Hempe. She is here for all our policyholders, can file your wellness claims which are VERY easy to file and get a quick turnaround. 

Q: How do I sign up for benefits? 
A: Contact us at 515-432-2230. If these benefits are offered through your employer we can get you set up thru payroll deduction at work. If these benefits are not offered through your work, we have options on a direct basis as well.  

Q: How can I (Employer/Benefits Manager) offer these types of benefits to my employees?
A: Contact us at 515-432-2230 and we'll give you a quick overview of how quick, easy, and beneficial it really is to offer these benefits. 


Q: How do I know what policies I have? I have questions about my policies? 
A: Contact us at 515-432-2230 and we can look up any information you will ever need to know regarding your benefits. 

Q: I have left my my place of employment, how do I keep my ALLSTATE or AFLAC policies? 
A: Once you've left employment, ALLSTATE or AFLAC will be notified when your employer receives their next bill. They will mark you off their bill showing you are no longer employed. Once ALLSTATE or AFLAC receives that bill, they will generate letters (one for each policy you own) asking if you want to keep your coverage. If you wish to keep your policy(ies), you will need to complete the paperwork that is sent to you, and return it by mail by the due date given on the letter. Your policies will stay in force, they will just be paid out of your checking or savings instead. These letters usually arrive 6-9 weeks after you have left employment. You will have full coverage on all policies until the due date on your letters when you receive them. If you want to speed up the process of setting your policies up on a direct basis, just call our office and we can request the letters be sent sooner to you. 

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