Simplified Benefit Solutions serves the life and health insurance needs of the American worker in the 21st Century, from the lunchroom to the boardroom. With recent mandated changes in health insurance, companies and their employees are looking for new options and are finding supplemental/voluntary benefits becoming a crucial part of their planning.  

Our workplace options enable us to meet the needs of the employee and the employer. Both conveniently and financially with benefits purchased through the workplace but typically individually owned and portable. In addition, it is usually easier to apply for our benefits with no medical exams and limited medical questions to answer on the application. It can provide added coverage at the choice of employees, add benefits for company job recruitment and provide savings to the employer's bottom line. 

Most employers understand the concept of offering voluntary insurance products, but don't offer them.  We provide employers a way to easily offer voluntary benefits while being used as another tool to control and even reduce employer major medical costs. We're also able to offer employees access to benefits they cannot get without being payroll deducted and are becoming increasingly popular in the business world. 
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